In 1998 BURNS, the well-heated development cabin for all ye that labour and are heavy laden, showed up
after the DOS-Banger "Captain Gysi and Starship Bonn" with the Win-98-Big-Bang

more beautiful and expensive than a human eye could possibly imagine:

26 synchronized characters in more than 2,000 handpainted 2D-single-frame animations acting in front of 80
completely 3D-rendered High-Color background pictures - and as absolute highlight the smooth original voice
of Mr Gregor Gysi alias Captain Gysi.

Again Captain Gysi has to get through complicated tests in outer space and again it was a press-favorite:

"The pictures are colorful." (Berliner Zeitung 08-20-1998)
"The game is amusing, the dialoges are funny." (zitty 19/98)
"Captain Gysi has made it again to bring a lot of fun." (PowerPlay 11/98)
"A sound PC-adventure and funny political satire all in one." (PC Joker 11/98)