The story of successful BURNS is breath-taking, sensationel and unprecedented.

In 1997, BURNS rams itself into the dry ground of the german computergame-desert with heavenly power. Fast
like lightening, BURNS drilled it's roots into the hard, dark ground. The sky's got a bloodred gleam. An ocean of
flames sweeped across the country. BURNS took his place. Nothing would stay the way it used to be.

The nation held it's breathe. There was something in the air. Something creepy had happened.
The heavy tension literally tored up peoples nerves. One jumped off a balcony.
Worried citizens glanced towards the sky and asked:

BURNS is the black-shimmering monolith in the quarry of the german computergame-developers.
The flaming sign in the stormy clouded sky of computergames. The last hope of punished computergamers.

Last Exit BURNS.